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QML: Export to SVG or PDF

  • Hi,

    I am developing a plotting component (x vs y line or scatter plots). I use a QSGGeometryNode for the line and the labels are done in QML. Ideally it would be nice, if I can export them in vector graphics to pdf or svg (or maybe even wmf/emf). Does someone have an idea how this could be done?

  • I realize this is old but there is not much about PDF/Vector export from QML to be found. Have you found any solution for this?
    (I'd like to export the whole QML scene as PDF/Vector but that is a different topic.)

  • You could draw things internally using PathSvg.
    Or parse the QML to produce an svg representation.
    Find a pdf export library, take a snapshot (image using Items snapshot thingy) and store as image in pdf.

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