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[Help] QComboBox multiple events

  • Hello,
    i have a pretty simple question and i didnt found a solution on google yet.

    Is it possible to have 2 different events connected to a click on the QComboBox ?
    What i need is the following:

    Event A: Click on the Box -> Do Function A
    Event B: Click on the Arrow -> Toggle Dropdown

    Kind regards

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    The dropdown is shown when you click on the arrow. What do you want to happen when you click in the line edit of the QComboBox ?

  • The dropdown is shown when i click anywhere on the combobox. Not just the arrow.

    Let me explain it again:

    [My1stEntry | ▼]

    • Click on Arrow: Toggle Dropdown
    • Click on Entry (Dropdown off): Call function defined by me.
    • Click on Entry (Dropdown on:) Set selected entry as current selected.

    Maybe this helps more in terms of understanding.

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    As written before the handling of the dropdown is already there.

    The only thing you have to do is connect the QComboBox::activated signal to the function you want to call when an item is selected.

  • Okay, then i simply don't get it. Because right now it doesn't matter where i click on the combobox, it will simply toggle the dropdown (not just on click on the arrow). And i dont seem to find a way to have a difference between

    Click on Arrow
    Click on ComboBox (showing the current selected entry
    Click on Entry (when list is open)

    Guess i have to add a new button next to the combobox.

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    What Qt version are you using ?
    What OS are you running ?

  • I'm using Qt 5.10 - Win10 with the Visual Studio Qt VS Tools Plugin.

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    Unless you make a subclass and implement to send signal on edit click
    im not sure its possible. There seems to be no signal for user click on edit/text part.
    You might be able to catch it using event filter.

    But its very uncommon to have combobox run some function if you click it
    so i much more like you idea of an Execute button. :)

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