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[MacOS] ICON not showed in Sierra computers

  • I'm generating a new app that have as target MacOS. I'm setting the app icon using this in my .pro file:

        ICON = $$PWD/images/Myapp.icns

    Also, I'm setting that:

       QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.13

    I'm building using XCode 8.3.3 over MacOS High Sierra. The issue is that icon appears in Dock, Launchpad and Applications folder in High Sierra computers but not in Sierra computers. I have check that .icns is in Resources folder of the bundler and Info.plist contains information about CFBundleIconFile:


    How I can solve this issue in Sierra. I have to say that I previously have installed debug versions in the same Sierra computer that didn't have icon set. Any cache issue with applications and icons?

    Thanks in advance.

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