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make an application as plugin

  • i just wonder is this possible to create an entire application as plugin. like media player with qml in front (not widgets) and load/unload it whenever you need.
    i know about shared objects and routine of making a c++ plugin.but i need a qml app. if it is possible what are the steps? thanks

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    Sure you can, you are even likely already using a very good example of that: Qt Creator.

  • thanks for reply. but i don't get it. the major application that i talk about is digital instrument cluster and there will be some other application inside that like player app , navigation etc.
    those applications have their own c++ back logic and qml design in front. how we put them together in plugin or what will be the structure of it. is this possible at all?
    i read about qtplugin for c++ shared object and QQmlExtensionPlugin but those are not suitable for this kind of imaginary plugin i think :))

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