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Thread Implimentation:Spiking the CPU usage and hang the app and system.

  • I have to show 30 FPS(Frames per second on the QT window), the frames i am receiving is YUV format( Only Y plane has been sent).

    1. I have implemented a thread which receives the frames and enqueque in a queque.
    2. Another thread which do following things
      a) dequeue the frame extract the Y plane
      b)used opencv to convert it to mat (cv::Mat m = cv::cvarrToMat(img11);
      c)used opencv to convert the format cv::cvtColor(m,m,CV_YUV2RGB);
      c)Crated QIMAGE
      QImage qimg = QImage((const unsigned char*) m.data,
      // m.cols, m.rows,
      // QImage::Format_RGB888); // convert to QImage
      d)passed it to label to show the image.

    The issue i am facing is it is taking 200percent CPU isage and hangs the computer after running for a minute. Since the frames are coming at the rate of 30 fps it keeps bot the thread busy and also we need to achieve this in order to not loose a single frame, i tried usleep and yeild to make the threads free the resources however its not helping me out, it is having same behavior of hanging the system after a minute.

    Kindly provide your inputs for best possible solution to achieve this.

  • Clearly your hardware can't handle the FPS and the queue grows and fills the memory. I see two things to do: create the QImage directly from the frame & downsample while doing it (pick every second pixel or so).

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    Perhaps SIMD operations can also speed things up for your case, as it looks that for each pixel, exactly the same operation is necessary.

    Additional hint - measure how long it takes for you to process single frame. If it takes longer than the time you've got, you need to optimize the algorithm. Perhaps less conversions/ copying would help. Less info sharing between threads could improve things, too. As well as adding a buffer on UI thread, so that synchronization of painting on QLabel does not jam your other threads.

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    @Monalisa also, additionally to what the others said,

    how to you pass data between threads?

    Signal/Slot is, generally speaking, thread safe but it comes with a non neglectable overhang, and using a low lvl api like QMutext could/should be faster

  • I think you are taking too many steps. If I understand the use case correctly, you are only getting the Y data. Therefore the color components are gone and you are really looking at a gray scale image. A faster implementation would be:

    1. Dequeue and extract the Y data into an array of 8 bit values
    2. Create a QImage with a format of QImage::Format_Indexed8 and a pre-defined gray scale color table using the 8 bit data.

    That's it. There is no need to involve openCv to convert the image to YUV2 and then create an RGB image that's essentially shades of gray.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to my fellows good suggestions:

    • Where are you getting the images from ?
    • What size are they ?

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