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Howto get shooting direction

  • I use QT/Qml, I'm writing an app where user can shoot a photo.
    I need to know the position of the user at the shoot time and what direction his camera is pointing.
    Then, with this informations I want to show a point on the map and an arrow indicating the shooting direction.

    I can read GPS position (Lat,Lon) using PositionSource and that's ok, but how to get the camera rotation angles?
    Any suggestions?

  • If I have correctly understood the documentation the angle indicating the direction to the north is myRotationSensor.reading.z

    I also found the Compass class that gives me myCompassSensor.reading.azimuth directly

    Which is the best?

    If I tilt the phone up, the azimuth value (also from myRotationSensor.reading.z) will gradually change from 0 to 180 but myRotationSensor.reading.x remains around 90 degrees, how to correct this value? Should I compensate with myRotationSensor.reading.y? how?

    Thank you.

  • I solved the problem using the combination of magnetometer / accelerometer

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