Qt Designer's grid, is it customizable?

  • Simple 'noob' question:

    With the grid provided for a window in Qt's Designer, are the dimensions of the grid customizable? For instance, if I have a widget – a button – which moves to the next grid-space when pressing the right arrow key, if I want that space to be twice as small as it currently is, how may I go about doing that and maintain the snap-to-grid functionality?

    Appreciate any functional answers.


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    in Options you have
    alt text

  • Thanks much for this conclusive + informative reply.

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    I forget to tell.
    If you hold ctrl and use cursor keys, you can move with 1 pixel
    nudge instead of the 10 or what normal value is.

    However, its very common to use layouts and not manual placement if
    the goal is to have the GUI scale if window scale etc.

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