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QWebEngineView - Seperate Proxy

  • Re: Different proxy for each QWebEngineView instance?

    Hello, as referenced above, I'm struggling about the same issue.
    Currently, QWebEngineView only takes the application-wide proxy.
    However, I need to manipulate the proxy for QWebEngineView like QNetworkAccessManager.

    Let's say I'm trying to open URL-A and URL-B.

    I need to use a proxy only for URL-A but not for URL-B.
    When I set an application-wide proxy only URL-A works as expected and I'm not able to access URL-B.

    Also, I'm working in Windows environment. In windows you can specify the proxy host and port along with "Exception List" to bypass the proxy for that URLs in the exception list.
    When I call QNetworkProxyFactory::setUseSystemConfiguration(true), that Exception List is not taken into consideration AFAIK. Am i correct?

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