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qmlvideo example doesn't work in QT5.10.1

  • Hello,

    qmlvideo example doesn't work in QT5.10.1 while in QT5.10.0 it works fine what is wrong with QT5.10.1?

    Extra Information:
    OS:Ubuntu16.0.4 LTS
    QT SDK:5.10.1
    QT Creator: 4.5.1

  • @Alien I don't use Ubuntu, but on my Debian machines over the last couple of years I've noticed on one or more versions of Qt that the video hasn't worked because it was (I think, from some console messages) expecting a different version of gstreamer to what the OS had (or actually what happened was there'd be audio but no video visible). I didn't care that much because I just use Linux for development but don't release on it (and the video wasn't a major part of the app), so can't remember much more than that. Might be worth looking at what gstreamer version(s) you have and checking what Qt is expecting to find.

  • Dear @timday ,
    Video works fine in all previous version of QT from 5.9.1 through 5.10.0 on my system but you are right might be I have to upgrade my gstreamer version I try to do this and also try to check it on different machine finally thank you for your worth advise.

    Have a nice day.

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