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QT creator and symbol error

  • Hi!
    While i was programming with qt in qtcreator i got this runtime error:

    "/my/project/path/projectName: symbol lookup error: /my/project/path/projectNam: undefined symbol: _ZN2cv12VideoCapture4openERKSs"

    At compile time i got no error but when i try to load an mp4 file in the application everything crashes and i got the error wrote above.

    Is there someone who can help me? i did some researches online but i did not find nothing useful =(

    edit: the .pro file should be fine because i had my pc with ubuntu 16.04 and opencv 2.4.9 (and the project was running fine) working the past month but for different issues i had to reinstall the whole environment

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    It looks like a linker problem, but you say the compilation goes fine... hm. That would suggest some missing plugin perhaps? Check if you have all Qt and OpenCV dependencies installed (gstreamer etc). Maybe running this command could help:

    sudo apt build-dep qt5-qmake opencv

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