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Unable to run Qt Quick 3D application with hardware acceleration for embedded Linux target(Freescale i.MX53)

  • I developed a sample 3D demo with Qt Quick3d and build for embedded Linux. I was successfully able to run this demo without hardware acceleration enabled(i.e. with software rendering).

    For running demo wtih Hardware acceleration support I build EGL-based screen driver qt-labs-simplegl and deployed on target BSP.

    But, I was not able to run demo with that.

    Target on which I am checking is Freescale i.MX53 and BSP deployed is LTIB_10.07.11.

    I am hoping qt-labs-simplegl is supporting i.MX53.

    Can anyone guide me to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Did you succeed in running Qt Quick 3D with the i.MX53?

  • Hi,

    I think you need to check with the gpu drivers?
    Will try to get you more details.

    Regards :: Krishna Pavan

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a Qt5 port for the i.MX51/53. I have received a patched driver from Freescale, and I hope to have a halfway usable platform plugin/compositor for the end of next week.
    If anyone is still on this issue, about hardware acceleration on the i.MX platforms, you can contact me (e-mail or IRC) for collaboration.

    Pierre V.

  • Hi, Pierre Vorraghen,

    Qt5 Port?
    I have heard of a Qt-OpenSource-Everywhere_Being used on i.MX5X,

    But can you please elaborate on Qt5?

  • Krishna,

    Please do some research on the subject. Qt 5 is the next version of Qt. It is currently in active development, and the Alpha is just around the corner (literally).
    See this page for more information:

    I recently submitted a patch allowing for a "nogl" build, and since change I55ef4f0de1b3ec201e727cebc52cfd891963b2b4, qtwayland runs on the i.MX platform with this configuration.
    However, that's only for shm clients (ie. Widget-only applications, like the examples in qtbase/examples/widgets), and a custom hardware integration has to be written for the i.MX in order for hardware accelerated graphics to be supported. (So in essence, there's still a lot of work to be done until it can smoothly run OpenGL/OpenVG, etc...)

    As you probably know, the i.MX51/53 boards have an AMD z430 GPU, for which the libEGL obviously doesn't allow to run Wayland natively. I am currently working on a gl/hardware integration for it.
    If you have experience with i.MX graphics development, and/or the C2D API from Qualcomm for instance, and if you're interested and confident enough to participate in developing this, we can get in touch about it.

    If you're looking for a funcitonal plugin though, you should probably stick with Qt4.X for now.


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