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Google Code Jam 2018 stopped supporting Qt...

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    Has anyone taken part in Google Code Jam before? I have, using Qt and C++ to implement my solutions.

    Google is taking a new approach this year: Instead of building and running your code on our own PC, participants submit code to be compiled/interpreted directly on Google's servers. This means that Qt can no longer be used.

    This was a stark reminder of much value Qt adds to C++. For years, I've been taking functions like QString::split() and QString::endsWith() for granted. This morning, when I tried to solve Google Code Jam puzzles using C++ STL, I found myself handicapped: A standard split() function had been a mere proposal since 2013; ends_with() is becoming official, but only around the year 2020.

    Anyway, I've started implementing my solutions using JavaScript (Node.js). So far so good! I'm glad I got plenty of JavaScript practice through QML (and some outside web programming).

    Just wanted to say: Long live Qt!

    P.S. If anyone is interested in the contest, the Qualification Round for 2018 is still open for over 13 hours -- that's enough time to score enough points to qualify for the actual contest. Sample code exists for all supported languages.

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    @JKSH said in Google Code Jam 2018 stopped supporting Qt... :-(:

    This means that Qt can no longer be used.

    As you mentioned, this is a loss for the event itself.

    Just wanted to say: Long live Qt!

    I'm not religious, but here it fits perfectly: amen, brother!


    An observation: the tasks seem to focus on NP-hard to NP-complete problems

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    Yea I hate using just raw STL now. I haven't gotten to use Qt in the last 3 years on my official work. It's pretty annoying to go back to std::string that's for sure.

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    Yeah after sitting in the GUI part all day and come back to the embedded ARM.
    std::string is just such a B! compared to QString. ;)

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