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Mouse issue

  • I am using Qt on embedded linux and have notice some issue with the mouse.
    Some mouse works fine with the application and some doenst.
    When the application is not running i notice that the OS gets the input events correctly on all of mouses:
    cat /dev/input/event1

    Once the application is running the "cat /dev/input/event1" doenst output anything anymore on the mouse that have this issue and the mouse pointer appears on the application but not doenst move. On the functional mouse the command "cat /dev/input/event1" outputs the events and i can move around on the application.

    Any idea why Qt blocks the mouse?

  • When i plug the USB Mouse from the device i get this issue from my Application:

    evdevkeyboard: Could not read from input device (No such device)
    evdevkeyboard: Failed to query led states
    evdevkeyboard: Failed to query led states

  • Hi,

    i found the problem once i do "export QT_QPA_EVDEV_KEYBOARD_PARAMETERS=grab=1" before starting the application. The mouse doesnt work.
    If i comment it out, it works.
    Why is that? And how can i still grab the Keyboard and get the mouse working without this env variable?

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