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Qt 5.11 dropping MSVC 2013?

  • I found that Qt 5.11 is going to drop MSVC 2013 which is mentioned in this page.

    As I see, any MSVC 2013 binaries have been removed from the official packages,
    I wonder are all supports of MSVC 2013 dropped?
    Could I still compile Qt 5.11 with MSVC 2013?

    I really don't want to ship the DLLs from UCRT with my app currently because that framework contains so many api-ms-win-XXX.dll files.

    Thank you for any ideas.

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    I think MSVC 2013 is being dropped completely, due to lack of C++11 support necessary in the new QRandomGenerator.

    You may try (and succeed) in compiling it manually from source, though.

  • So I think I have to accept it and upgrade to MSVC 2015...

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