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TextField gets resized in 5.10.1

  • Hi everyone, this is my first post in QT Forum but I follow this community for 6 months, and now i have my first issue. I was developing on a QT Creator 4.5.83 (Release Community?) and i was stuck on a Loader (i need to be asynchronous set to true, but the Object was destroyed during incubation every time) and updated to 5.10.1, where the issue was fixed. And in fact the object wasn't destroyed anymore and the program was working well... But my TextField became enormous! They are sizing in a default mode, very big, the same size for everyone. And in plus, they can't be changed because the Quick Emulation Layer crashed everytime (if the kit is set to 5.10.1, if is set to 5.10.0 it works well). Even if I change it by code writing, the size of this TextField is not fix. Before this, I was stuck in a situation where the Quick Emulation Layer crash everytime, no matter if 5.10.0 or 5.10.1, but reinstalling qt and update qt creator to 4.6.0 (official release) resolve the problem. But now this!

    I can't post now pics of the situation, but in a few hours i'll post it.

    Sorry for the bad english, i'm better in reading than writing!

    Thanks for the replies!!!

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