QGamePad - Does not detect disconnection - Linux

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    The 11 November 2016 I have reported a problem with QGamePad on Linux (bug report)

    Currently (in 2018) it is still not fixed.

    The problem:
    With the backend "evdev" when the gamepad is disconnected the module doesn't process the event from the driver!

    It's a real problem because I have to control a heavy robot and it can be dangerous if the remote controller is disconnected because I have no ways to detect it using QGamePad: Nothing is updated on the module when it happens !

    The problem is in qevdevgamepadbackend.cpp the signal deviceRemoved() is not emit!. But if you see in readData(), this signal can be emit ...

    void QEvdevGamepadDevice::readData()
        input_event buffer[32];
        int events = 0, n = 0;
        for (; ;) {
            events = QT_READ(m_fd, reinterpret_cast<char*>(buffer) + n, sizeof(buffer) - n);
            if (events <= 0)
                goto err;
            n += events;
            if (n % sizeof(::input_event) == 0)
        n /= sizeof(::input_event);
        for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i)
        if (!events) {
            qWarning("Gamepad: Got EOF from input device");
        } else if (events < 0) {
            if (errno != EINTR && errno != EAGAIN) {
                qErrnoWarning(errno, "Gamepad: Could not read from input device");
                if (errno == ENODEV) { // device got disconnected -> stop reading
                    delete m_notifier;
                    m_notifier = 0;
                    m_fd = -1;

    When the gamepad is disconnected, the message "Gamepad: Could not read from input device" appear.

    Maybe we just have to add "emit deviceRemoved()" but you need to pass a QString with the device name, maybe that's the reason why it's not finished since two years

    Can someone check it please ?

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    You should add your new findings to the bug report.

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    I don't see a signal deviceRemoved() in QtGamePad. The nearest one is connectedChanged(bool) but that looks indeed like a possible signal in this situation.

    Have you already tried to patch the code yourself? Due to the lack of a gamepad, I cannot test this myself.


    Edit: Ah, there is a deviceRemoved() signal in QEvdevGamepadBackend which is used within the backend only for housekeeping. What stays, the signal you need outside is connectChanged(bool).


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