Qt bluetooth for Windows 7

  • Hello,
    I have got a device with bluetooth 4.0 in it and a laptop (Windows 7) with builtin bluetooth module. I want to write a small program for communication with this device. How can I do it with Qt?
    I read that Qt Bluetooth module doesn't support Windows 7 (why?...). Is there any walkaround?

    1. Bluetooth 4.0, aka BLE, is supported from windows 8 and newer.
    2. Official Qt does not supported BLE on Windows, except WinRT (win10 AFAIK).
    3. QtConnectivity module has 'additional' wip/win branch which support BLE (bluetooth 4.0) with win32 API.

    So, summary: If you want BLE support, you should to have the Windows >= 8..x, and a himself to compile and install the wip/win branch of QtConnectivity module. Or, maybe, to use Qt for WinRT, but I don't know how it work.

  • You can maybe communicate with your Bluetooth device configured as a virtual serial port. Actually this is what I'm doing with a BLE dongle, but the target device is Bluetooth 3.0 (or even 2.0). So I don't know if it could work in your case.
    But this is only for raw serial communication and you will lose the BLE layer (Services, Characteristics, Descriptors, etc...).

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