QopenglWidget share context among thread

  • I create a QOpenglWidget and I'm trying to share context in a WorkerThread to load textures:
    void VideoWidget::updateVideoFrame(QVideoFrame frame)
    QOpenGLContext* ctx = new QOpenGLContext();
    QOpenGLContext* sharectx = QOpenGLContext::currentContext();
    if (ctx->isValid()){

    WorkerThread *workerThread = new WorkerThread();
    connect(workerThread,SIGNAL(resultReady(QOpenGLTexture*)), this, SLOT(updateTexture(QOpenGLTexture*)));
    connect(workerThread, &WorkerThread::finished, workerThread, &QObject::deleteLater);


    here it is workerthread.h

    class WorkerThread : public QThread

    void run() override {
        //    Q_UNUSED(frame);
        // Handle the frame and do your processing
        QVideoFrame cloneFrame(frametexture);
        QImage image(cloneFrame.bits(),
        QOpenGLTexture* texture = new QOpenGLTexture(image);

    But when i try to create the texture there is no valid context.
    What I'm missing?

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    The thread is stopped (and deleted in your case since your signals/slot connection) as soon as run() finishes which is pretty fast in your case...
    The signal resultReady is also not emitted anywhere

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher
    thank you for the reply, the signal is received correvtly in the main thread. but when i cretae the opengltexture the context is not valid

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    The signal resultReady() is not sent in your example so I guess it's incomplete.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher you are right copy/paste error but i sent the signal right the unmap of the frame.
    But it gives error when create the opengltexture because the context is not valid

  • Moderators

    And where do you use the QOpenGLContext created in updateVideoFrame()? Did you check that the generated QImage is valid?

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher
    the image is correct i also save it on hdd and it is fine.
    in the updatevideoframe i just create the context share it and move the thread. Maybe do i need something else?

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    I've no more idea but I think you don't need a context at all. From the QOpenGLTexture ctor description:

    This does create the underlying OpenGL texture object. Therefore, construction using this constructor does require a valid current OpenGL context.

    Maybe also check for QOpenGLTexture::isCreated() in thread and main thread.
    And I wonder if you need a thread for this small calculation at all - since not much is done the thread overhead looks much bigger than the benefit.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher i know that the qopenglwidget creates the underlying context and it is shared among all the others widget and it works because i used it.
    but for documentation to use context in a different thread i have to use share context but...

  • I use


    before I create my QApplication in main to make sure all contexts are sharing by default. I had some trouble getting sharing to work after porting some code from QGLWidget to QopenGLWidget a few years back, and that was the bit that got everything working for me.

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