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SCXML text edit mode disabled

  • I have the opposite problem to SCXML designer disabled:
    I can't edit an scxml file in text mode. When switching to "edit" I get the message "this file can only be edited in design mode". I can only view it in text mode. Editing (also saving) in design mode works.
    Is there a way to get both editing modes?

    It's Qt Creator 4.6.0, Based on Qt 5.10.1 (GCC 5.3.1 20160406 (Red Hat 5.3.1-6), 64 bit) (from "About")

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    You can use
    alt text
    and select Plain Text Editor. It seems to remember that at least for the session.
    So to open it in Designer again, you just select SCXML editor.

    Its seems to suffer the same odd behavior as with UI files. If you are in an UI file/design mode and click Edit, it tells you same message.
    Normally you can switch between code and Design with shift+f4 but with this plugin,
    its not work same way. So you can use the right click menu.

  • Thanks for the hint. Works one time. But I still get stuck, as soon as I open it back in "SCXML Editor" (Design-Mode). Have to do the same context menu command to get back to editor. The shortcut (or the switch on the sidebar) would have been nice. But such, it's easier to have an seperate editor program open. :-(

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    Yep, its a bit clumsy. Same with UI files.

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