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  • Using openSUSE 42.3 - KDE desktop - Qt Creator 5.6.2 (from openSUSE repositories). When I try to use the help screens, I get a blank page with the message "The page could not be found. Error loading: qthelp://org.qtproject.qtcreator.430/doc/index.html Check that you have the corresponding documentation set installed."

    Using yast, it seems I have all the documentation installed. Perhaps there's a conflict in the settings of Qt Creator and where the docs were installed? Anyway, I truly need the help screens!

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    What exact documentation package did you install ? All of those related to Qt ?

    By the way, the version of Qt Creator you are giving is likely the version of Qt used to build it. The current version of Qt Creator is 4.6.

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    Hi @bart.hollis,

    • the help is in *.qch files, do you have them on your disk?
    • Check Tools > Options > Help in Creator if these files are registered. if not, you can add them there


  • This forum is truly wonderful! I can spend two days trying to fix a problem and then, I ask on this forum and "WOW"! The solution to my problem presents itself almost immediately! Obviously, I have found and fixed my problem. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.

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    What was the problem ?

  • Fpr the record: The file was not on my disk. It is included in the rpm file I used to install Qt Creator. So, I did an update and the file was installed this time. I have NO idea why it wasn't there, but it is now. Thanks for your extremely fast replies!

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