Strange compilation error with Qt5.1 and msvc2015_64

  • I'm receiving the following errors:

    "C:\Qt\Qt5.10.0\5.10.0\msvc2015_64\mkspecs\features\toolchain.prf:205: error: Extra characters after test expression."
    ":-1: error: Compiler produced empty value for CreateFile:."

    It looks like this is directly related to qmake. I've reviewed the .pro file, as that seems to be the biggest issue when searching Google. I tried compiling using msvc2015_32 and it worked, so it seems localized to my kit. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    So its not the usual missing \ at end of line in .pro file.
    Do you have any 32/64 checks in pro file ?
    Since 32 bit works, one could assume .pro is 100% ok ? or ?

  • I do not have checks for 32 bit, just for Windows:

    win32 {
        SOURCES += corewin.cpp
        HEADERS += corewin.h

    I just pushed to our Jenkins instance and it compiled fine for Mac/Win/Linux 32 and 64. So I think this confirms it is a localized issue.

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    Indeed if same pro file works on others setups in 64 bit then must be kit.
    If you make a default new GUI project it can compile?

  • I did not think to test that. I created a new project and no, I cannot compile it. Same qmake error.

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    Ok so it really is something in the kit.
    Some file qmake uses that is damaged. (maybe)
    Would it be option to simple reinstall Qt or too huge setup for that?

  • @mrjj That fixed it. Thanks!

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    we could have spend long time comparing files to find the guilty one so re-install
    is so much more fun :)

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