Qtimer::singleshot slot completed

  • Hi All
    Is there any way I can find out that slot
    QTimer::singleShot(1500, this, std::bind(&MyClass::crossCapture, this, getMousePointerX(), getMousePointerY()));

    has been completed

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    put qDebug("Completed"); as the first line of MyClass::crossCapture

  • I am passing a reference variable as bool in slot of Qtimer::singleShot and then accesing this variable in called and putting a while loop on the same to check of the slot is completed any other way to do that

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    Are you using multiple threads? if not what you are doing is totally useless. No instruction can be performed while another is in the same thread

  • @VRonin said in Qtimer::singleshot slot completed:

    hat you are doing is totally usel

    I am using multple thread one is thread1 amd other is main Gui threadd

    Qt Enthusiast about 6 hours ago
    Hi All

    Is there any way I can find out that slot updateGui is completed .

    QTimer::singleShot(0, this, updateinMaingui());

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    Then the only solution is have a signal in the main thread that fires when that method completed

  • if you can help me with the sample code

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    class MyClass : public QObject{
    // other stuff
    Q_SIGNAL void crossCaptureFinished();
    void crossCapture(int x, int y){
    //other stuff
    emit crossCaptureFinished();

    [edit: added missing emit keyword SGaist]

  • @Qt-Enthusiast could you please described in words what's your requirement or what you're trying to do overall? You've already have asked about QTimer::singleShot, and now this loop inside it, it sounds that you might be over complicating things...

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