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  • Hi
    I'm confused as I've some libs in ../bla and some in /usr/bla.
    Now how to include those in the *.pro:

    TEMPLATE = lib
    QT -= gui core

    CONFIG += warn_on plugin release
    CONFIG -= thread exceptions qt rtti debug

    VERSION = 1.0.0

    INCLUDEPATH += ../SDK/CHeaders/Wrappers
    INCLUDEPATH += ../SDK/CHeaders/Widgets
    INCLUDEPATH += ../third_party_source/bullet-2.77/src

    unix:!macx {
    DEFINES += APL=0 IBM=0 LIN=1
    LIBS += -llua -lBulletDynamics -lBulletCollision -lLinearMath -lcurl -lopenal -lalut
    TARGET = lin.xpl
    # WARNING! This requires the latest version of the X-SDK !!!!
    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -fvisibility=hidden

    now it says:
    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -llua
    I want to use lua in /usr/.... and what about if i'd want to use lua from ../

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  • To specify library directories, use e.g. @LIBS += -L/usr/bla@
    Sometimes you may have problems if libs you wan't to include from one place also exist in a place that is included in the library path by default, but otherwise using -L with LIBS should do the trick.

  • @
    LIBS += -L /usr/lib/liblua5.1.a
    LIBS += -lliblua5.1 -lBulletDynamics -lBulletCollision -lLinearMath -lcurl -lopenal -lalut

    still the same. Do i need -L on Linux? I thought not if it's in standard location /usr/lib/

    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • I would not expect you to need -L for libs in places like /usr/lib, but if the lib is in there and doesn't get included, I would give it a try. You have to do it right, though... -l is for the libs, -L is for directories. You should do LIBS += -L/usr/lib, not LIBS += -L /usr/lib/liblua5.1.a.
    Also, you might want to try -llua5.1 instead of just -llua.

  • Thanks -llua5.1 works but now i get weird errors alike:
    :-1: Error:/usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/crt1.o(.debug_info): relocation 0 has invalid symbol index 12
    so i believe the author used luajit. I've right clicked and added luajit-5 but still i get: :-1: Error:cannot find -llibluajit-5
    and ideas/help for luajit?

  • Can you show us your current .pro file, plase.
    Please wrap it into a @ at the beginning and one at the end, this way the code is formatted nicely.

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