Fakevim - muscle memory says it ain't vi.

  • New guy here. Let me start out by saying that I think Qt and the IDE is really wonderful.

    I love the fact that the attempt has been made to have a vi mode for the code editor in Qt Creator, the problem is it's not a fully fleshed out vi implementation. That is; it's missing arbitrary commands here and there. Being an old-school vi super user, the editor is pretty much hard coded into my muscle memory, so as I start to cook I hit snags and gotchas as I'm banging out vi commands - which really puts a crimp in my workflow.

    I suppose it's really not ready for prime time. Is there a plan to really get "fakevim" to behave as closely as humanly possible to actual vi? That would really rock if it were the case. At any rate, I suppose I should get used to having an separate vi window open to the side and work there. Perhaps turn off fakevim mode in Qt Creator.

    Curious about plans and what how other vi aficionados feel about this - i.e; how do you deal with these shortcomings?


  • Well, I am sure the QtCreator team is open for your patches?

  • Fakevim is maintained by one guy here that does implement whatever he thinks is missing. So by now it covers most of the mostly used stuff, but it is far from complete. Feel free to request missing features in our "bug tracker":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/ or send in patches via "gitorious":https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator merge requests if you want something happening now:-)

  • That's great to know guys - thanks. Perhaps someday I will try to pitch in and flesh it out, good suggestion.

  • The "FakeVim Plan" is not to have a 100% vim clone. There's vim after all. No need for re-doing it.

    The plan is rather to have something "good enough", i.e. something that covers most (if not all) what "normal" vi users actually use, together with a seamless integration to Creator's code completion etc.

    FakeVim feature requests on bugreports.qt.nokia.com typically stay not open for a long time, especially if accompanied with a patch or merge request. Actual vi commands take usually just a few lines to implement. If they are not "there" yet the reason typically is that nobody needed and bothered to ask for them.

  • I think the bug tracker link is old.

    This may be the new one:


    It appears that the Forum login does not suffice for the bug tracker login.

    Hopefully it is OK to add a request or two here?

    Here are a couple requests:

    :resize (to resize edit windows)

    <CTRL> - Q (as <CTRL> - V alias)

    :e xyz.cpp

    (bringing up the search window is nice, but if there is a argument that follows, for muscle memory convenience, it would be also nice if the file in the argument was loaded in the current window.)

  • Sure, go ahead and add requests here. A bored developer might stumble over them and actually do something about them. The by far biggest part of the requests made here will be lost though.

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