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Writing IOS app logfiles to public accessible folder QStandardPaths

  • hi our app runs on windows. android && IOS tablets and phones
    we write logfiles for troubleshooting and customer issues ...

    on windows, using QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::TempLocation); which works great

    on android I use QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation); which allows me to both view && pull logs via myFiles application && adb .... files reside in internalStorage/Document

    but I cant seem to either view or pull logfiles on IOS tablet ...
    I have tried ITunes , and various other file manager and plugging tablet into my desktop .... I tried using various folders like photos which are public

    Do you have any advice on what folder I can write logfiles to on IOS so I can view /or pull them off a tablet ?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi @esther
    I am not sure, if you can access Data that way on IOS.
    My guess would be, you need to fall back on native code and either send those files via E-Mail or AirDrop

    But I‘m not so deep into this, mabe someone else knows more.

  • thank you but I did not want to go the nativeApi route ... for sure that would work
    I want to keep the solution in the QT space

  • On iOS to get at an apps' files you need to enable "file sharing" for an app by setting UIFileSharingEnabled to YES in the plist, and then I think the files will need to be in the app's "Documents" area, and then you can access them via iTunes. It's a bit clunky (especially as so far as I remember iTunes only lets you deal with top level files and won't copy multiple files or directory hierarchies). That's how I was doing things a few years ago anyway; not sure if better ways have appeared since then.

  • I tried this using ITunes 12.6 and I did not see the file I created using QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation

    I did use UIFileSharing YES in the plist ...
    Additionally I added LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace YES

    Here is where QT is putting my logfile based on using Standard path DocumentsLocation
    (I created the MyAppName folder)
    I don't believe this is the correct path for ITunes ...
    Should I be using QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation ???

    Has anyone had success ?

  • I have updated my Itunes and I am seeing the logfiles now through ITunes ...

    please consider this topic closed

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