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How to pack a qt program which uses external libraries?

  • Recently, I wrote a simple qt program, it needed external libraries. Specifically, I wrote an interface to open a Basler Camera and grab pictures.

    In my own computer(windows 7), I installed the basler camera driver, and then included .h files and linked .lib files in my qt program. In qt creator , it runs well.

    My doubt is :

    If I pack the program by using "windeployqt" command, and then take the packaged program to another computer(windows 7 too), do I need to install basler camera driver on this computer if I want it runs well?

  • @Limer well, if it is not already installed on that computer very likely yes. You can confirm that fact easily by installing it on a clean computer yourself or making you own installation look like a clean computer by renaming your Qt folders etc. temporarily for the duration of your test. That is what I often do.

  • @Limer I would just set up a virtual machine using something like virtualbox with a fresh OS of your choosing and test it on there without installing any development tools. Then you can make sure windeployqt got everything you need and can determine what steps you need for the drivers.

    That's how I test my releases anyway. Also I do something similar to @kenchan and chmod my Qt so that it can't be accessed (Linux). That way I can tell if it's using my system Qt or the one I want it to use.

  • @ambershark @kenchan Thank you for your warm responses. I get it.

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