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Qt3D remove points from large models

  • Hi everyone!

    I work on a program visualizing 3D scanned models. These can have several million datapoints, which I input, put in a point cloud and plot on screen. Now I want to remove points by definitions (i.e. all with x>0), and currently I do this one by one when creating the cloud. However, when I want to adjust the definitions in the program, I recreate the cloud over and over, which each time can take a while. I wonder if there's some method in Qt3D to do this faster? I googled it but couldn't come up with anything.


  • Hi @andan

    If you plot points just as such they are not replated to each other, I assume. And the points that remain visible are not related to the ones removed.

    So what exactly is the problem that you have with just throwing away all at once?


  • There is no problem with my approach, it is just super slow having a lot of points and no supercomputer at hand. I wondered if there's a more efficient way, like defining a second "body" (in my case the border definitions) and extract the intersect in one sweep. Integrated matrix and array operations are usually a million times faster than handling each element itself!

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