Range is not displaying on QCustomplot

  • Hi to all.
    I am using QCustomPlot tpo plot graphs. I initialized "bottom(xAxis),left(yAxis)" and "top(xAxis2),right(yAxis2)" and setted the range like follows.
    /*Before this i am initializing all axis */
    ui->plot->xAxis->setRange(0, 6);
    ui->plot->yAxis->setRange(0, 10);
    ui->plot->xAxis2->setRange(0, 7);
    ui->plot->yAxis2->setRange(0, 11);
    For xAxis,yAxis range is displaying properly but for xAxis2(top),yAxis2(right) range is not
    Please help me?

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    QCustomPlot is not an official Qt module. You should contact its author for help. For example on its forum.

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