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setBaudRate() does not actually set custom baud rate?

  • Hi,

    I'm running into an issue using a serial port on Linux, and trying to set a custom baud rate. When I started having the issue I was using Qt 5.9.3; I've since updated to 5.9.4 but am having the same issue.

    Specifically, I'm using the modbus device class, so I have a line:

    m_ptModbus->setConnectionParameter(QModbusDevice::SerialBaudRateParameter, Qserialport::Baud115200);

    … this works, it sets the baud rate to 115200. If I choose any of the other enumerated baud rates, they work as well.

    I know that the qserialport class will accept an arbitrary qint32 for baud rate, and if it's not in the list of standard rates in termios.h, it creates a termios2 struct in QSerialPortPrivate::setCustomBaudRate() and will use that to attempt to set the custom rate. I need to set a rate of 250k, so I need to take advantage of that. But if I just put down

    m_ptModbus->setConnectionParameter(QModbusDevice::SerialBaudRateParameter, 250000);

    ... it doesn't work; my baud rate will not change from whatever it was last time I ran the program.

    Next I tried customizing the qserialbus class, so that I can add some qDebug()s and see what's going on. While I was at it, for good measure, I adjusted the QModbusDevice class to handle m_baudRate as a qint32 instead of a QSerialPort::BaudRate. What I see is that if I set a standard baud rate (e.g. 115200 or 57600), the whole setup works fine. If I put any number that isn't one of the standard rates, qSerialPort will report that it successfully set the baud rate, and if I query the baud rate (by m_serialPort->baudRate() within qmodbusdevice.cpp) it will tell me that the port is configured as the custom rate I put in, but the actual baud rate is whatever the last successful configuration was - so if I set it to 57600 and test, the rate is 57600; if I then set it to 250000, it will claim success but the actual baud rate of what's coming off the serial port is still 57600.

    I have also confirmed that if I set a custom baud rate, within the qserialport class it gets to QSerialPortPrivate::setCustomBaudRate() and returns after running first full attempt at setting the baud rate:

    struct termios2 tio2;
        if (::ioctl(descriptor, TCGETS2, &tio2) != -1) {
            tio2.c_cflag &= ~CBAUD;
            tio2.c_cflag |= BOTHER;
            tio2.c_ispeed = baudRate;
            tio2.c_ospeed = baudRate;
            if (::ioctl(descriptor, TCSETS2, &tio2) != -1
                    && ::ioctl(descriptor, TCGETS2, &tio2) != -1) {
                return true;

    (from qserialport_unix.cpp, QSerialPortPrivate::setCustomBaudRate())
    this chunk of code executes, and returns true. So it really thinks it's setting the baud rate, but it's not.

    Any thoughts on what might be going on here?


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    Could you please modify a QSP code as following:

            if (::ioctl(descriptor, TCSETS2, &tio2) != -1
                    && ::ioctl(descriptor, TCGETS2, &tio2) != -1) {
                qDebug() << "ispeed:" << tio2.c_ispeed << "ospeed:" << tio2.c_ospeed;
                return true;

    and to see an output?

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