my kit isn't showing up...

  • I'm trying to configure Creator to cross build for an embedded device. I added the compilers and debugger manually, and created a kit using them. But from the Projects view, as well as in the "Configure Project" display, my newly-created kit isn't offered as an option.

    I do have a warning on my kit, about how the ABI of the compilers don't match that of the debugger, but I don't think this is the cause, as I've had other kits with warnings that showed up in the Projects view.

    Any ideas what I might have done wrong? Qt Creator 4.4.1, Windows 10P.


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    Can you post a screenshot of your preferences ?

  • Sure, but...which preferences, specifically?

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    The kit and Qt versions

  • Here you go:



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    Are you setting up Qt Creator for bare metal development ?

  • Oh, gosh...I'd forgotten about that. OK, I've enabled the plugin, restarted Creator, changed my kit device type to "Bare Metal Device" and added a device "esp32" of type "default." I can't, however, see that device in the "Device:" pull-down on the Kits menu.

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    Are you following Qt Creator's guide for bare metal ?

  • OK, I guess I have some reading to do. (I don't remember this at all from last year's Beagleboard exercise.)

    The esp32 runs FreeRTOS -- is a bare metal option the best way to go for this?

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    That one I don't know sorry, I haven't developed for FreeRTOS.

    You should maybe asked the folks on the Qt Creator mailing list.

  • It's probably not important. I only asked because strictly speaking, FreeRTOS isn't bare metal.

    I'm trying to follow the directions on the page you linked, but my device still doesn't show up. Also, step 4 mentions:

    Select Tools > Options > Devices > Add > Bare Metal Device > Start Wizard:
    In the GDB server provider field, select a GDB server or hardware debugger.
    Select Apply to add the device.

    I see no such "Start Wizard" command.


    Oh - is this plugin valid for Linux only?

    EDIT II:

    OK, I found it. I'd probably word the instructions a little differently:

    Tools > Options > Devices > Add

    should be:

    Tools > Options > Devices > Devices > Add...

    That'll make it a little easier for boneheads like me to find when we're rushing...

  • My kit is now displayed without errors (and with a device) but it is still not showing up in Build mode. Do I need to add a line to my .pro file to enable the visibility of my kit?

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    @mzimmers said in my kit isn't showing up...:

    My kit is now displayed without errors (and with a device) but it is still not showing up in Build mode. Do I need to add a line to my .pro file to enable the visibility of my kit?

    No, .pro files know nothing about kits.

    1. Open your project in Qt Creator
    2. Click "Projects" in the Mode Selector (the upper-left bar)
    3. Under "Build & Run", click on your new kit to activate it for this project
    4. Click the Kit Selector (the "Debug"/"Release" button on the lower-left) to select your new kit
    5. Click "Run" button to build and run your project, using your new kit

    See the top screenshot at for the Mode Selector and Kit Selector.

  • Hi JKSH -

    That's exactly what I've tried to do, a few times. The new kit just doesn't show up.


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    @mzimmers said in my kit isn't showing up...:


    I just noticed: In this screenshot, your esp32 kit does not have a Qt version set. That could be why it doesn't appear in your list of selectable kits.

    If you have set a valid Qt version but still can't apply the kit to your project, try creating a brand new project (Qt Console Application): Is the kit selectable then? What about a Qt Widgets Application?

  • (just getting back to this)

    @JKSH: yes, I think you're right. The page on configuring for bare-metal devices is a little unclear, but it does say this:

    However, if the device does not have Qt libraries, you need a fake Qt installation.

    Not sure what a "fake Qt installation is," though, and the page doesn't elaborate on this.

    Currently, when I try to use one of my non-fake Qt installations, I predictably get this error:

    warning: "C:\Qt\Tools\mingw530_32\bin\gcc.exe" is used by qmake, but "C:\msys32\opt\xtensa-esp32-elf\bin\xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc.exe" is configured in the kit.
    Please update your kit or choose a mkspec for qmake that matches your target environment better.

    I'm not sure how to proceed from here...I could create a mkspec for the cross compiler, but that doesn't solve the problem of what to use for a "fake Qt."

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