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Discounts (Qt in Education) delay

  • Hi there !

    I'm a computer science student and I would like to try passing the Qt Certification. I saw that my school is in the list of participants of Qt in Education so I should obtain a 50% discount. (it's the Polytechnic School of Paris Sud University in France)

    I filled in and submitted the request form "there":http://qt.nokia.com/learning/certification/exams/prices-discounts/qt-in-education-voucher-request-forms/participants , but got no answer yet. (it's only been 6 days though)

    Does someone know the average delay of response ? Does it take some time because they need to make some verifications ?

    Thanks in advance

    Ah I just got the e-mail they sent me on August 25 on another e-mail address, strangely the first one it didn't make it to my inbox...

    Probably a badly configured spam filter on my schools servers.

    Anyway I finally got the voucher code, so I'm happy now :p

  • Hello Jmgr,

    we are doing our best in responding emails. Currently we target, to respond to email latest in one week. Sometimes it does not work that well, e.g. like recently when one person in the team got sick... We will reply shortly!


  • Thank you for your answer.

    There is no hurry though, I'm only impatient to try the certification ;)

  • Hi there.

    I still don't have received any answer for this request, it's been almost three weeks now.
    Are you too busy working on Qt 4.8 ? ;)

    I have also contacted the computer science manager at my school and she has confirmed that they are indeed member of the Qt in Education program.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Bump :)

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