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Display filenames on a QpushButton

  • Hello ! I'm trying to do a menu where the user can select a file to open just by clicking on a button.
    Basically, that means that i want to get all filenames from a directory and create a button for each file (number of file and their names can change).
    I managed to get filenames thanks to QFileInfoList but the best i can do is display it in shell...
    Is what i'm trying to do even possible, and if so, what do i have to use ?

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    Yes that is very possible.
    Do you want pushbuttons? You can also use a listwidget which is
    a list of strings. it can also have icons etc. ( and each item can be clicked)

    But yes you can generate a lots of buttons and use the file name as button text.
    ( you need a default gui project with mainwindow and place the buttons there )

    What will open the file ?

    I mean what should happen when you click it ?
    Open the file in your own app or call OS to open the default app assigned to that file type?

    Also this sample might be useful

  • @EL_Mambo
    Hi. Wouldn't it make more sense to list all the files in a list, and then open the file you want simply by clicking on the corresponding entry in the list? You may even add an "Open" button to each row in such a list, e.g. in the second column, to make it extra clear to the user they can open the file by clicking.

    Putting all in a listview would save you such headaches as to dimension the size of your buttons for different filenames and how to layout the buttons if you really have a lot of them. Using a list, you could simply scroll, or resize the column that contains the filename, etc..

  • @Diracsbracket
    Hey ! Yes, that might be more interesting indeed, if the folder contain too many files i'll have trouble keeping enough space for my QPushButtons ^^
    Thanks for your answers, i'll definitely check the link you gave me @mrjj :)

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