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QtCharts DynamicSpline takes too many resources.

  • Hello ,
    I've been working on a project regarding dynamic data visualization and i have decided to use DynamicSpline as it does exactly what i need. The problem is one dynamic spline already puts my CPU at about 15% workload (2 of them at the same time would be around 35 - 40 %) and i need a few of these running at the same time. Note that i haven't done anything fancy with my DynamicSpline implementation , just copied the code from the Qt examples found here . Also note that the PC i'm currently working on doesn't have a graphics card and the CPU isn't rather strong either (i5 4308 2.8ghz) but i can't imagine something as trivial as a basic DynamicSpline would take so many resources to run.
    From my tests it seems like the problem comes from the scroll() method but i'm not 100% sure and i also don't know how to work around it.
    Any help is much appreciated.

  • For anyone reading in the future i just gave up on DynamicSpline and i'm using now QCustomPlot which is better for my situation anyways.

  • @TheTugaOne said in QtCharts DynamicSpline takes too many resources.:

    (2 of them at the same time would be around 35 - 40 %)

    "Would be" or "is" ? Making guesses about a problem you imagine, and then trying to solve the problem is usually the wrong way to go at it. Measure Twice and Cut Once.

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