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QVector append but empty

  • Hello,

    a have written a return method, which should return a QVector object. This is just for testing purpose.
    Anyway, the QPoint object contains correct values.
    But when I make a appen the entries are erroneous.. My QVector has enough space, according to the l_length parameter.. But those are empty..

    QVector< QPoint > MyClass::GetPointList( int l_length )
    QVector< QPoint > l_return;

    for( int i = 0; i < l_length; i++ )

    QPoint t(i, i+10);
    return l_return;

    Do I make anything wrong in that piece of code?

    Thank you in advise


  • No, looks fine to me, even though it could be made more efficient by initializing your vector with the correct length (saves some copies when the vector is growing).

  • With your current code, there is no reason it shouldn't work.

    Can you give us some more code ? Where does it not work ?

  • What does return @qDebug() <<l_return;@ ?

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