Audio samples don't work on Android

  • Hello, so my app records audio and does audio processing on it.

    It works perfectly on Desktop, but on Mobile I don't seem to get any correct floating point audio samples.
    I use a chart to show the value of all samples and the Android version seems to only receive values of value 0 and negative values, but nothing that makes sense.

    Here are screenshots of what I mean:
    Desktop screenshot
    As you can see, on Desktop the audio samples are good.

    However, on mobile I only get weird values (values <= 0):
    Mobile screenshot

    When I try the audio example app from Qt, that does similar audio processing, I get correct samples on Android as well. But this example app uses integer samples. I need the floating point samples though.

    Here is my code for setting up the audio recording:

    // mono sound
    // aubio requires float
    // floats have a size of 32 bit
    m_format.setSampleSize(sizeof(float) * 8);
    m_rec = new QAudioInput(m_format, this);

    Any idea what could be wrong with floating point samples on Android?

    If you need the full source code, it's available here:

  • OK, I found the problem. Qt doesn't support float samples on Android at all and changes the format to integer samples, even if you explicitly specify floating point samples. The QAudioDeviceInfo provides a isFormatSupported method to check for these cases.

    I now proceeded to write a int to float conversion method and it works well now.

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