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Visual Studio Add-in Linking (Qt4 Designer Plugin) to (Qt Application)

  • Hello,

    I am currently building my first Qt4 application using the Visual Studio Add-in.

    I have created two Qt4 projects:

    qtTesting (Qt Application)
    customWidget (Qt4 Designer Plugin)

    I want to be able to compile customWidget and place the widget onto my qtTesting project using qtDesigner; where it will respectively load the correctly dll (debug or release) for the widget when loading the Qt Application.

    Is this possible?

    I currently have the customWidget but I have to manually place the widget into QTDir/plugins/designer (and it only accepts the release build); this means every time I modify the widget I must manually copy the new release build into the folder.

    There must be a better way!


  • You might want to try to add the following snippet to your .pro file

    INSTALLS += target
    target.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS]/designer

    I don't know whether that works on windows with the VS addin too, as I use it on a unix environment only.

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