QTreeWidgetItem.setItemWidget(item, k, QCheckBox()) not working (checkbox doesn't show up)

  • I'm trying to recursively build a QTreeWidget using a python dictionary. A "[ ]" in a dictionary key/value means add a checkbox. No checkboxes show up no matter what column k I add the checkbox to. I also have another solution for adding a checkbox using one and only one column, should I go ahead and use that? It would be nice to have two columns though, since the code is cleaner.

    from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QTreeWidgetItem, QCheckBox, QDockWidget
    from PyQt5.QtCore import Qt
    from ui_cec_spec_filter_dock import Ui_CECSpecFilterDock
    from collections import OrderedDict
    HDMI_CEC_Spec = OrderedDict({
        "Initiator" : {
            "TV | [ ]": {
                "Nibble": "0",
                "Comment": "",
            "Recording Device 1 | [ ]": {
                "Nibble": "1",
                "Comment": "_",
        "Follower" : {
        "Command" : {
    class CECSpecFilterDock(QDockWidget, Ui_CECSpecFilterDock):
        def __init__(self, new=True):
            #self.setFocusPolicy(Qt.NoFocus)         # BUGFIX: gets rid of weird dotted selection line around tree items
            self.checkbox = {}
            if new:
                self.buildTree(HDMI_CEC_Spec, self.treeWidget.invisibleRootItem()) 
        def buildTree(self, tree, item):
            if isinstance(tree, dict):
                for string, subtree in tree.items():
                    tree_item = self.buildTreeItem(string)
                    self.buildTree(subtree, tree_item)
            else:   # expects a string
        def buildTreeItem(self, string):
            columns = string.split(" | ")
            tree_item = QTreeWidgetItem()
            for k in range(0, len(columns)):
                column = columns[k]
                if "[ ]" in column or "[*]" in column:
                    self.checkbox[string] = QCheckBox("dur")
                    self.treeWidget.setItemWidget(tree_item, k, self.checkbox[string])
                    if "*" in column:
                    if "_" in column:
                        column = column[:-1]
                        tree_item.setFlags(tree_item.flags() | Qt.ItemIsEditable)
                    tree_item.setText(k, column)
            return tree_item

  • Fixed it.

    You have to make sure that the QTreeWidgetItem is actually in the tree first before calling setItemWidget on the tree.

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