about opengl partly render under qml

  • i'm new to qt(now ,using qt 5.10)
    i'm programming a software about 3d
    this program's 3d part need to be rendered in a child window
    !!!(not whole application window,because there is a functional bar on the right side)!!!
    i want to make ui with qml,
    and use c++and opengl to make the 3d part,
    then register it to a qml type
    but there are so many class,and the tutorial example render within whole application window
    which class should i use in c++ ,and which qml type should i use to correspond to c++class
    it's urgent.

  • i find the solution,when i read office blog.
    and i realize i ask a stupid question
    the solution is
    c++ use qopenglframebufferobject class
    and register it

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