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Problem on SSL with QtWebSockets 1.0

  • I'm currently testing a secure websocket server with Qt using Lets Encrypt X3 certificate (TLSv1SSLv3 on Qt). Firstly, i tested on firefox with using "Browser Websocket Client" and i saw it works properly.

    And i'm developing a Qt Client with using Qml Websocket part. I got an error at qml debugging console,
    "qml: Error: The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found"
    but my certificate isn't self-signed certificate. It's a verified cert. How can i solve it?

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    IIRC, Firefox uses its own set of root certificate so it might not be relevant when comparing to your running system.

    You should check that you have Let's Encrypt root certificates installed on your system.

  • I rechecked the root certificate of Let's Encrypt Authority and my system has got that cert.
    In addition, I found a website on ICS for manually push my certificate with using QtNetwork/QSsl library.
    When i try this


    It crashed. On addDefaultCaCertificate, it hasn't got a static structure. It needs an object.
    Second question, how can i push my certificate into qt for using with Qml properly?

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    Can you show the stack trace ?

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