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Telephony Call Back Service Plugin

  • Hi.

    I am new to qt so I need your wisdom. I want to create a "plug-in" which will provide an easy way to use a telephony callback service based on a web service at my company. More specific I am trying to develop a plug-in which will work similar to SIP Client. I need a setup screen in order to enter some information required for authentication by the web service (something like SIP Client Settings for SIP authentication) as well as a custom dial option which will displayed on each phone to be dialed (like SIP Client - Dial Via SIP) so if the account information is entered, an option for calling using callback services will be displayed.

    I am using N900 but I would like to have this work on Nokia E-Series as well.

    Can I do that with qt? If yes can you please give me a hint how can I do it? If no, is there any other way of doing something like that?

    Thank you in advance

  • This question is way too broad if you want a real answer. What part of what you want to do do you have a problem with? You can not expect the users here to provide you with a complete design...

  • Thank you andre for your reply. I already have the application developed so what I do not know is how to add an option on dial menu to route the call through call back service. As I mention, when you add a SIP account to N900 for example, when you click on contact, you can see the option to dial the number via SIP account. Is it possible to add a similar option for my service? I need that to work for Symbian as well.

  • There is, AFAIK, no Qt API to do that. You would have to rely on platform specific APIs, if it is possible at all.

    I would recommend you try asking this quesion on forum Nokia instead:

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