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[SOLVED] Function in listview

  • Hi,

    I have my list view
    @ ListView {
    id: groupList
    anchors.fill: parent

                model: ContactModel6 {}
                delegate: RowGroup {}

    and my item
    @Rectangle {
    id: rowGroup

    Rectangle {
        id: rectRowGroup
        TextEdit {
            id: bigtitle
            text: title

    function switchtitle(t)
    bigtitle.text = t;

    I want to access to my function switchtitle to item number 2
    How i can do this?

    I try @groupList.pos(3).switchtitle("new title")@ but that don't work


    EDIT: moved to QtQuick, Gerolf

  • Hi,

    You can't access to a ListView Item through this utopic pos() because ListView's items are instancied and deleted dynamicaly when you scroll the area, for performances purpose (that's why there is only a "currentItem" property and not anything else).

    I suggest you to remove your unneeeded switchtitle() function and to replace :

    @groupList.pos(3).switchtitle("new title")@

    By :

    @groupList.model.get(3).title = "new title";@

  • Thx.

    I can't access a function?

  • You can't access a delate, and that includes functions of that delegate.

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