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QTextToSpeech utterance listener

  • I am trying building an application that will read out text to the user and highlight the particular word that is read out, However i am struggling to implement that as i can a find a particular signal that is being emitted after every word is being uttered.

    Is there a way on the QTextToSpeech librarfy i can monitor each and every word being uttered by the tts engine and Highlight it ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Can you do the opposite?

    1. highlight the word
    2. call QTextToSpeech::say passing that word
    3. use QTextToSpeech::stateChanged signal to determine when the word was completely uttered
    4. move to the next word

  • @VRonin it will read out the word as if it's the start of a new sentence which make the reading sound terrible. It also cashes as i do a for loop to read out the words.

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    Can you share your code ?
    What about the stack trace ?

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