Dialog close() function not showing?

  • Hi, I'm really new to qt so I like experimenting even if its not within the tutorial I'm working on just for more expireince.

    I tried to set a push button to close the window but couldn't connect the signal clicked() to the slot close(), the close function wasn't showing up, furthermore I tried to connect them using this code:

    connect(ui->pushButton_2, SIGNAL(clicked(bool)), this, SLOT(this->close()));

    but that code doesn't work, it only compiles and theres still a red line as if thats an error which it may I'm not sure.
    after that I went to the on_pushButton_2_clicked() slot and wrote in the function


    which worked fine, can anyone explain why the slot wasn't showing up when I was trying to connect them with the ui window and why my connect function isn't working?

  • @Archy
    remove bool and try.


  • it still doesn't work :/

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    @Archy said in Dialog close() function not showing?:

    connect(ui->pushButton_2, SIGNAL(clicked(bool)), this, SLOT(this->close()));

    This is wrong, the SLOT macro expects a slot signature. Remove the this-> from it.

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