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[SOLVED] how to get html bold to be inserted beside the selected word?

  • In the textedit, when the user selects the word and then clicks the bold button, i need the <b> and </b> to be inserted beside the word. in the text below, the bold works but not correctly the way i would want it because the <b> and </b> is not inserted beside the word and i don't need the word highlighted. can i have an example please?

    @void MainWindow::on_pushButton_clicked()
    if (ui->sayLineEdit->fontWeight() == QFont::Bold)

    i searched the docs and found that selectedText() might work in this case but i am getting an error that textCursor() was not declared. how to declare it, and could i also get some help for my first question above please. thank you in advanced.

    @QString TextEdit::textUnderCursor () const
    QTextCursor tc = textCursor (); (QTextCursor::WordUnderCursor);
    return tc.selectedText ();

  • Add this at the top of your file:

    #include <QTextCursor>

  • i added the include but i still get an error 'textCursor' was not declared in this scope

  • i solved the textCursor issue. textCursor() should have been ui->textEdit->textCursor(). the selectedText() i can use to make the bold.

    this topic is solved.

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