Qt lib for fat32 io

  • So what I'm wondering about is, if there are any Qt Libs for fat32 io direct drive access. My issue is I want to be able to read and write directly from and to a USB pen that uses a fat32 (or something really close to it anyway). Does anything like this currently exist? or am I on my own here?


  • "QFile":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/qfile.html should work with FAT32 as well.. or is it failing ?

  • Just use QFile as Rahul said. The operating system abstracts this for you as long as it knows how to handle FAT32 filesystems.

  • Well the issue here is I need a lib that provides low level driect drive access as its not a fat32 it's a fatx usb drive i'm accessing.

  • There is nothing in Qt that directly supports this. However, that is not to say that you couldn't write one. A better approach might be to find some utility for Windows or a kernel driver for Linux that already provides what you need though.

  • Yes, it was a long night last night but I've written my own :) thanks for all responses.

  • Nice one!

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