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QtWebEngine crosscompile linking want very large /tmp/sometempfile (memory exhausted error)

  • Hi
    I use the Ubuntu x64 for my host mashine to build rootfs for Fscale IMX6.
    I try build qtwebengine (Qt 5.9.1) by "buildroot" and have no success.
    All tasks for build *.so file is complited. Link step use all ram memory and a bit the swap. About 6...7 GB for this.
    Some time late i got an error "memory exhausted". So what I can do for succes?

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    AFAIK, QtWebEngine (or rather its dependencies) need a lot of resources to build and link. So first thing: do you need that module ? If not, just don't build it. Otherwise... What are your machine specification ?

    By the way, you should consider updating the Qt version you are using, the latest of the 5.9 series is currently 5.9.4.

  • @SGaist I need qtwebengine functions. I want embed to my application the web browser.
    I try now build version 5.9.3 and have no success too. I got error "insufficient memory".
    I have i7, 4 GB of memory, 8 GB of swap.
    I built all modules of Qt5.9.3
    All built ok, but QtWebEngine - have no success.
    The last string of log is:
    /home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/host/usr/bin/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabihf-g++ --sysroot=/home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/host/usr/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabihf/sysroot -Wl,--no-undefined -Wl,--version-script,QtWebEngineCore.version -Wl,--gc-sections -Wl,-O1 -Wl,-z,now -Wl,-z,defs -Wl,--enable-new-dtags -shared -Wl,-soname, -o -lrt -lpthread -ldl -lQt5Quick -lQt5Qml -lQt5Gui -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Gui -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5WebChannel -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Positioning -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lpthread @/home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/build/qt5webengine-5.9.3/src/core/Debug/Qt5WebEngineCore.rsp -Wl,--start-group /home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/build/qt5webengine-5.9.3/src/core/Debug/obj/base/libbase.a skipped many files star.a ........................ -lQt5Quick -lQt5Qml -lQt5Gui -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Gui -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5WebChannel -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Positioning -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lGLESv2 -lEGL -lpthread -ldl -lrt -levent -lfontconfig -lfreetype -lexpat -lpng16 -lresolv -ldbus-1 -lavcodec -lavformat -lavutil -lopus -lasound -L/home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/build/qt5webengine-5.9.3/src/core/api/Debug -Wl,-whole-archive -lqtwebenginecoreapi -Wl,-no-whole-archive -lEGL -lQt5Quick -lQt5Qml -lQt5Gui -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Gui -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lQt5Core -lrt -ldl -latomic -lpthread -lGLESv2 -lEGL
    /home/work/buildroots/defconfig/output/build/qt5webengine-5.9.3/src/core/Debug/obj/media/blink/libmedia_blink.a: error adding symbols: insufficient memory

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    AFAIK, 4GB is way too low especially if you build a debug version.

  • @SGaist Wow... How many need of RAM for build qtwebengine?

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    It's not QtWebEngine itself that is so hungry it's chromium that is the backend. See here for the linux requirements.

  • @SGaist Thank you very much. I will force my comp.

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