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IMX6, Multi Screen Use, EGLFS

  • Hey guys.

    We would like to create an application using three displays (two of them are side by side).
    Since we are using IMX6 and Qt5.10.1, we asked use if the following issue is still uptodate:

    "There is currently no way to display content on multiple displays from the same application. The workaround is to launch two separate applications and use some sort of IPC mechanism to communicate between them."

    ( see section "Multiple Screens" last senctence)

    What's the matter with this: ?

    1. What is the best way to support three displays using eglfs?
    2. Are there some examples available?
    3. As soon as we get a bigger display, we would like to replace those two side by side displays. Hence, we asked us if best option is to create one application, start this three times and only show the relevant view on each display (of course all instances have to be connected with IPC mechanisms).

    Thank you very much for your hints!

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    It has nothing to do with QDesktopWidget. If you need multi-screen multi-window support you should check whether wayland is an option or do as suggested: one application per screen.

  • Hi SGaist.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Sadly, this is not an option since Toradex does not support wayland.
    Hence, our search for those three questions remains.

  • Here you have something about multiple screens with Qt. Maybe it will help you achieve what you want.

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    Well then, one app per screen and IPC is likely the way to go.

  • @QtEnthusiast1 try qtwayland, this support multi-screen display

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