Critique Tutorial Of 31 Videos

  • Can someone critique this YouTube Qt tutorial just based on the title of each video?

    Title: Qt Tutorials For Beginners 1 - 31

    31 Videos To The Right Of This First Video

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    It looks like a series of tutorials on widgets. What critique are you expecting ?

  • @SGaist, what has this video tutorial not mentioned in Qt 4/5 overall? What, specifically, is it missing? Are the missing things commonly used or are they not used by people a lot? I.E.: In simple to understand words, what else do I need to learn up on to understand Qt 4/5 better? Can you, possibly, give me some practical examples of what is missing, what missing things will hurt me, etc.?

    Thank you,

  • The big things missing just looking at the titles:

    • QML/QtQuick
    • Networking (QNetworkAccessManager/QWebEngine)
    • Sockets/Comunication (QTcpSocket/QSerialPort)
    • Threads (QtConurrent/QThread)
    • Containers (QList/QMap)
    • Database (QSqlDatabase/QSqlQuery)
    • XML/JSON input/output
    • Model/Views (QAbstractItemModel/QAbstractItemView)
    • Graphics (QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsItem)
    • Qt3D

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