QML apps have screen / window offset on Win10 with HiDPI screen?

  • I just installed a fresh Qt 5.10 on a Win10 laptop with a 4k screen. Anything QML comes up with a weird offset, like 20-30 pixels. First thing I notice is in QtCreator. I start a new empty QtQuick app. Welcome/Edit screens are fine, but when I click "Design" the screen jumps upward, so that the menu bar is now hidden underneath the window border, and button highlights or offset compared to the visual location of the button:


    Notice how the menu bar has disappeared and the highlight and tooltip are as if the cursor was on the Debug button, even if it is on Projects. A similar effect can be seen when running any QML app in its own window.

    Any ideas on why it happens or for a fix?

    (I failed to Google this as a know issue)


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