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QDoc inherit from Qt Quick Control 2 Slider

  • We have a custom item that is based on Qt Quick Controls 2 Slider. However we do not manage to correctly get the documentation for it to work. It is missing the inherits link to get all properties.

    It looks something like this:

    import QtQuick.Controls 2.0 as Quick2
      \qmltype AppSlider
      \inqmlmodule xxx
      \ingroup xxx
      \brief xxx
      \since xxx
    Quick2.Slider {

    One problem that we are facing is that there also exists a Slider item in Qt Quick Controls 1, this is why we used a namespace "Quick2". This maybe causes the automatic inheritance detection to fail completely. However if we add \inherits Slider, nothing happens as well. I am wondering how qdoc would know which Slider (Controls 1 or 2) should be used anyway?

    What would be a workaround for this? As far as I read, the \inherits takes only a single argument, so no way of specifying the module here? If we remove the namespace "Quick2", then qdoc shows the component to be inherited from Controls 1, which is not correct.

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    Can you provide a minimal sample project that allows to replicate that ?

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